Garden Floral Factory Flaw

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This listing is for swaddle blankets that did not meet our quality standards and are being sold at a discount. They may have small imperfections such as uncut threads, a small flaw in printing, small fabric snags or imperfect hems. They also have not been pre-washed. They are printed on an unbleached muslin which means the background will be an off-white natural color.

The factory flaws are minor and should not affect the performance of the swaddle.



  • WRAP YOUR LITTLE ONE IN SOFTNESS.  For the most sensitive skin, look no further than a 100% cotton muslin blanket to give the softest feel imaginable.  With each use, the swaddle will become softer and softer.  We recommend washing the product before the first use, to loosen the fabric and bring out its peak of softness.  In addition to wrapping your baby, this swaddle can transition to a lovey blanket that your little one will cling to for comfort.
  • LIGHT, BREATHABLE FABRIC.  Babies need warmth without weight, which is why this muslin swaddle is a necessity.  It can be wrapped around multiple times and still feel super light and airy.  To soothe a little one into comfort, a breathable fabric is a must.  Great for packing, the swaddle can be rolled or folded to fit into your diaper bag with ease.  No more lugging around heavy, bulky blankets!
  • VIBRANT, TRENDY PATTERN.  This Garden Floral pattern is perfect for the delicate little girls in your life. Tap into that vintage feel that everyone is crazy about today.  A pattern is nice to pair with other solid details, like outfits and accessories.  Our garden floral blanket is infused with deep, rich dye that holds its color through many wash cycles.  Your little lady will be the chicest girl on the block with this feminine, pretty swaddle.
  • PERFECT FOR NEWBORN PHOTOS.  You’ve seen them all over your friends’ social media platforms….we’re talking about newborn photos!  Our swaddles are perfect to wrap your little ones in when making their Facebook debut.  Muslin wraps are super trendy for photographers of babies because they keep the baby still, while also creating a sweet, bundle of love. 


Your baby is the most precious thing in your life – innocent, sweet, and beloved.  So why choose anything less than perfect in which to wrap your little one?  The Mini Scout 100% cotton muslin swaddle blanket is the epitome of super soft, luxurious comfort for your baby.  Made from the finest cotton, the fabric will be gentle against his sensitive skin.  The open weave construction allows for breathability, yet still keeps little one warm on those cool nights.  Rest assured, that your most prized possession will be relaxing in comfort in this swaddle. 

Offered in a garden floral pattern, this swaddle brings out the girly side of baby décor.  The color palate of peaches, tans, yellows and greens blends to create a vintage-inspired print.  Throwbacks to years gone by are very on trend for home décor, nursery furnishings, and baby style – and this blanket falls right in line.  Featuring daisies, roses, and various other buds, the flowers give a delicate feel. 

Looking to get newborn photos taken of your freshly delivered babe?  Of course you are!  Our swaddles are the perfect choice for that super important photo session.  The 47-inch square can be folded in various ways to get the perfect wrap. 

Why stop at one when you can get a variety of colors and patterns to accessorize your little one?  Our collection includes solids and prints that mix and match like a dream.  Watch your baby drift off into la-la land, while looking oh so chic.  We guarantee your satisfaction with our products, and promise that your baby will love it too.

Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions47 × 47 in

9 reviews for Garden Floral Factory Flaw

  1. Katie (verified owner)

    Even more beautiful in person! (All the heart eyes.) It’s a “factory flaw” swaddle, but I can’t find a single thing wrong with it. Just lovely. 💛

  2. Kellie Hopkins (verified owner)

    This swaddle is so beautiful! There were no flaws that I could see even though it is labeled as “flawed”. It’s super soft after washing it in cold water as instructed. I can’t wait to wrap my babe in this swaddle!

  3. Courtney (verified owner)

    I bought one of the flawed ones and it is absolutely perfect. The swaddle is really nice and big so once we are down swaddling our girl then we can use it as a light blanket and a photo backdrop.

  4. Megan Meadows (verified owner)

    I too purchased this “flawed” swaddle and can’t find a thing wrong with it. The colors are rich and the size is perfect. We have washed several times and it’s still in great condition. We get so many compliments on it. Simply a lovely piece.

  5. Ona-Lysa Klesken (verified owner)

    I searched and searched for the perfect swaddle for my little girl (I am a minimalist and only wanted a few swaddles). When I stumbled upon the garden floral swaddle I knew I had to get it! I went to place my order and it was sold out… I decided I’d get the flawed swaddle… when I received it I looked it over and there was nothing wrong with it except a couple short strings that needed trimmed. It is a beautiful swaddle and washes up wonderfully!

  6. Tonya (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful swaddle blanket! Can’t wait to use it for baby girl. I didn’t see any flaws even though it was on sale for being flawed. So pretty and so soft! Perfect blanket for the summer months and for a nursing cover too!

  7. Corayma sanchez (verified owner)

    Beautiful swaddle! My baby girl is almost one so she uses at a night time blanket and goes perfectly with the same design crib sheet. I honesty didn’t see NO flaw! So beautiful and worth having

  8. Hannah (verified owner)

    Not sure what the flaw is with ours, this swaddle is absolutely beautiful! I bought it for my nine-month-old even though she’s no longer swaddled simply because I love the beautiful design!

  9. Danielle P (verified owner)

    I bought the factory flaw because I LOVE the print of the garden floral & it was out of stock in the regular section.
    It’s BEAUTIFUL! Aside from a few threads that look like they forgot to cut off after being sewn, I see no flaws.

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